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Category: Goole

Do I need proper antivirus ?

Do I need proper antivirus ? Many times I asking myself why people coming to my place for help and they have proper antivirus which cost around 60 – 90

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Blank screen on my laptop ?

Blank screen on my laptop ? Never had problem with my laptop before. when i switched off last night was updating ? – says most of the our customers. Yes

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We do TV repair , buy

Tv repair, flat screen- Samsung, LG, and others 01430 42 10 14 IF you having a problem with your TV we can test it and repair it. We can not repair all

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Faulty bulk tablets medion

Faulty bulk tablets Medion I have a lot of parts for tablet Medion, some boards adn other parts. Also tyhere is few other laptops, cant remeber the names but coulb be usefull for somone who

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Problems with windows 10?

Problems with windows 10? yes that’s true !! I have to write this article because I am fed up with windows 10 !! SUPPOSED TO BE EASY ? IF YO

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