Blank screen on my laptop ?

Blank screen on my laptop ? Never had problem with my laptop before. when i switched off last night was updating ? – says most of the our customers. Yes probably your system updated with new drivers and they are not compatible with your parts. The best way is to use system recovery and get … Read more

Sell your laptop, wanted laptop dead or alive , cash for laptops, min Windows 7

 FAIREST PRICE POSSIBLE. What is important ? Age How old is it? Have you already used much of the value? Condition Is it fully working? Is it scratched, dirty or damaged? Appeal Is it the current model? Can we easily sell it? Value Based on these factors, we offer you a fair price. Please send … Read more

Ipad screen replacement near Brough

Ipad screen replacement near Brough We are based in North Cave, nice and beautiful village. We serve here from 2009 and we are have many happy customers. We repair laptops and computers buy also Ipads and Tablets. The common problem with Ipads is a cracked screen We can replace your cracked screen and prices start … Read more

Faulty bulk tablets medion

Faulty bulk tablets Medion I have a lot of parts for tablet Medion, some boards adn other parts. Also tyhere is few other laptops, cant remeber the names but coulb be usefull for somone who fixes tablets like chips, usb charging ports etc. Please contact me to get more details.