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Do I need proper antivirus ?

Do I need proper antivirus ?

Do I need proper antivirus ?

Do I need proper antivirus ?

Many times I asking myself why people coming to my place for help and they have proper antivirus which cost around 60 – 90 pounds ?

What is wrong with it ? why we have to pay this kind of money and still I need to go to someone else and remove viruses ?

When we asked advisers from different companies they said that you have to upgrade your antivirus almost everyday to be safe on internet.

If my antivirus updates automatically who is responsible for it then ?

My internet provider, my slow computer, me ?

Is there is any responsibility ?  Whats the point to buy antivirus ?

I recommend always to use free antivirus and  Anti-malware – Antimalwarebytes .

We also looking for better protection but when you google search it there is too many and its real hard to decide what is the best for you?

I think you should always try to use what is the most famous and used by many other users.

Search internet and use proper genuine websites like Computer Active where you can find good professional articles..


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