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Elections to the European Parliament will be taking place on Thursday, 22 May 2014.  Voters in the East Riding can select candidates for the Yorkshire and Humber region.  While voting will take place on 22 May, the outcome will not be known until Sunday, 25 May as the election is co-ordinated across Europe.

To be eligible to vote in the European Parliamentary Elections you must be on the Council’s Register of Electors. The deadline for receiving any new applications for registration in time for this election is Tuesday 6 May.

The deadline for receiving new postal vote and postal proxy vote applications for this election and for changes to existing postal or proxy votes, is 5 pm on Wednesday, 7 May.  You will only have a postal vote if you have completed and returned a postal vote application form by this date.

If you want to check your registration status and whether you have a postal vote, please contact Electoral Services on 01482 393313/12/11.

A timetable for the European parliamentary elections in Great Britain is available on the Electoral Commission website.  The statement of parties and individual candidates nominated was published on Monday, 24 April, and can be found on the council’s website.

The lead authority for the European election in Yorkshire and the Humber is Leeds City Council, where the results for the region will be declared on Sunday, 25 May (10pm). The East Riding vote will be ‘verified’ only (checked to ensure the number of votes cast tallies with the number of voting papers issued) after the close of poll on Thursday 22 May. The vote will be counted at Beverley Leisure Complex on Sunday, 25 May and when complete the results will be sent through to Leeds for the declaration.

If any media wish to attend the count of East Riding votes at Beverley Leisure Complex on 25 May  (nb results will not be declared there), will they please contact Tom Du Boulay or Steve Eccles in the Press Office (tel. 01482 391441).

Information about the European election can also be found on the council website.

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