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How to Screen Share on Skype

How to Screen Share on Skype

How to Screen Share on Skype

How to Screen Share on Skype

Share your Skype screen to someone and show your in our contacts list, It’s basically for using our screen data, pictures, files etc.

Screen sharing is one of the best and quickest ways of collaborating with a friend or a business person. With the help of this you can now show your entire computer screen or just a single program of your choice to the person you want. Screen sharing is the fast and trouble-free answer. Screen sharing is a feature on Skype which is free for all Skype users, though in case you want to share a business file or a college assignment with other person you can screen it during a video call or with many people at once.

For sharing the Skype screen follow the below given steps and share your screen in an efficient manner.

  • First of all, to share your Skype screen.
  • Now tap on the person with whom you want to share your screen.
  • After this start a voice or video call by taping on the call button icon.
  • Now choose to select Share screens option by tapping on the + sign on the screen.
  • In case you’re using more than one screen at a time, then choose the screen that you want to share.
  • Afterwards use the Share your screen drop-down menu option to select on what to want to share with the person.
  • Your full desktop screen or a specific window > and then choose Start.
  • In case you want to modify what you’re sharing, then tap on the drop-down arrow in the floating call window.
  • Finally to stop sharing your screen, choose Stop sharing.

In case you want to share screen with multiple persons or want any another person to help you in a meeting demonstrate then you can grant control to that person easily. Always keep in mind that you can control the sharing process, and   can stop it anytime.

  • For this go to sharing toolbar and then tap on give Control option.
  • Choose the name of the individual you want to give control to.
  • Now Skype will send a notification to that individual to let them know that you’re sharing control of your Skype screen.
  • In case you want to take control backArticle Search, tap on give Control again >and then tap to take Back Control.

In case you face any sort of difficulty then you can dial a Skype toll free helpline number and get instant help from the expert technicians efficiently.

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