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Laptop service in Gilberdyke

Laptop service in Gilberdyke

Laptop service in Gilberdyke

Laptop service in Gilberdyke specializes in Laptop Repair on a variety of makes models. I understand the issues that occur with individual machines in the various laptop product lines and offer superb service work. I will fix damaged or faulty laptops, and a short conversation with us on 01430421014 or


will allow you to find the lowest cost way to service your laptop.
laptop repair service on all major laptop models including – Acer, Alienware, Dell, Gateway, HP, Lenovo, Sony, Toshiba.
Warranty laptop service

Our service :

LAPTOP SERVICE in Gilberdyke
Any problems with your laptop, screen replacement, broken keyboard, dc jack problem, looisng power, black screen


New computer build, service computer and maintenance computer, we buy old broken computers and laptops

DATA BUCKUP in Gilberdyke

We can copy your data  from damaged laptops and computers from 30 pounds fee.

Laptop Repair Service in Gilberdyke Includes:

Full Diagnostic Testing.
Complete Inspection
24 hour stress tests on hardware.
Replacement Part Installation.
Upgrade Part Installation.
Clean Interior & Fans
Clean Exterior
Bios Upgrade (if available)
Driver Update

Common laptop repairs in Gilberdyke

Laptop LCD Screen Repair in Gilberdyke
If your laptop lcd screen is cracked, broken, or otherwise damaged, it may be recommended that the screen be replaced. We will try to find the best price for replacement, including installation.

Laptop Keyboard Repair in Gilberdykel
Spill liquid on your laptop keyboard? Maybe you have to replace hole keyboards. Laptop service in Gilberdykecan replace damaged laptop keyboard and replace it with a new high quality one.

Laptop Hard Drive Repair in Gilberdyke
You have an laptop hard disk failure that requires immediate attention? Give us a call and we will find best price for your replacement.

Laptop Optical Drive Repair in Gilberdyke
Do you have a broken or non-working Optical device or do you just want to add a DVD / CD-RW Combo Drive or BLueray drive to your laptop?
Laptop service in Gilberdykeprovides Laptop Optical Drive Repair and replacement for all major laptop models.

Laptop RAM Memory Repair in Gilberdyke
Repair a memory problem on your laptop / notebook or you just want to install new memory, please contact with us asap and we will find you best price for your replacement.

Laptop Motherboard Repair in Gilberdyke
Motherboard Repair is often an superior choice to replacement. Our Laptop Motherboard Repair Engineers conduct board level repairs, and replacement of defective parts on all major laptops. This includes but is limited to replacing chips, troubleshooting faults, and assessing issues caused by shorts, spills and other general circuit troubleshooting.

Laptop DC Power Jack Repair In Gilberdyke
Have an laptop / notebook with a burned or broken power plug on? lost power, lossing connection, cant charge your battery thats sounds like dc jack is burnt or broken.

Laptop LCD Inverter Repair in Gilberdyke
Does your laptop / notebook have an LCD inverter failure requiring a quick fix? Our Laptop LCD Inverter Repair engineers are at your rescue. Laptop service in Gilberdykelaptop Repair offers a full line of LCD Inverter replacements for all major laptop machines.

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If you want to sell your laptop you have to give us exact specification, model number, year production, condition. ext.

if you have damaged screen, black screen give us a call on



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