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My Gmail account was deleted by the hacker, How can I recover it

My Gmail account was deleted by the hacker, How can I recover it

My Gmail account was deleted by the hacker, How can I recover it

My Gmail account was deleted by the hacker, How can I recover it

In case your gmail account has been hacked then you can contact us our support team for safe your email, banking etc. We will assist you.

If someone deleted your Gmail account it is of the air that you will come to know about it very soon. This is important because youwill be allowed to recover your deleted account for a short period of time only, after which you will not be able to get back to your account. To recover your permanently deleted email account all you need to do is go to the Gmail password assistance page. You will be asked to follow the steps one by one so that you are able to recover your account. It is important that the customers track the safety and security of their email account by checking continuously the activities in their account.

It is very important to check regularly the account information such as alternate the mail address, recovery mobile number, reply to address, auto forwarding and language of the email. If you check these details of your account regularly you will come to know that someone else is trying to compromise your account. Moreover, it is very vital that you reset your password regularly. Without knowing your password no one can compromise your e-mail account. But, there alone will not help as usual install and an antivirus in your computer. It is important to run thorough scan of your computer regularly and eliminate any Malware or virus.

All these things will ensure that your email account is safe and secure and no one will be able to compromise your account easily. Even if someone tries to have your email account even then it would not be possible. You should also make sure that if you login to your account from someone else’s device, you must never forget to log off. It is also advisable that if you do not use your Gmail account regularly or leave your device unattended, it is better to log off because that will eliminate the chances of your account getting compromised.

You can learn more about recovering permanently deleted Gmail account with the help of Gmail customer support team. The technical associates have complete knowledge and will be able to provide you the exact solutions needed to resolve the problem. They will tell you if you can actually recover your account and if you canArticle Search, whether it is possible to get back all your emails and other information. By keeping constant vigil on your account you will be able to safeguard your e-mail account and seek help from the technical experts before it gets too late.

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