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Reasons Why Yahoo Password Recovery Generally Fails

Reasons Why Yahoo Password Recovery Generally Fails

Reasons Why Yahoo Password Recovery Generally Fails

Reasons Why Yahoo Password Recovery Generally Fails

People generally forget their Yahoo email password when they try to access their mail account. There are some informative notes discussed in this article that can help Yahoo users in recovering their lost password as well as resetting the new password without any hassle

The Internet is being used by people of all ages across the world as they work at home or office on a daily basis to accomplish their tasks. Around 80-90% of those people are registered with Yahoo email service and they use it to send official or personal messages using this portal mail server. A trend shows that every 3 users out of five generally forget their account password, which prevents them from login into Yahoo account even after numerous attempts.

There may be several reasons behind that as users sometimes reset the password on his/her end and forget the same after some days. Another reason behind failure to recover yahoo password is user unable to remember the security question and answer which is essential to reset the lost password. The user is actually worried about data loss with failure issues that persist after several login attempts. Several important messages along with attached documents are stored in the email account and it is not possible to access those mails before giving the correct answer to the security question.

Following are the Reasons for Yahoo Password Recovery Failures?

  • Yahoo Account information page was not responding
  • Computer screen freezes all of the sudden while clicking on account security link
  • Change password button was not working
  • Email Account compromised
  • Unable to reset passcode even with correct security question and answer
  • Password change confirmation is not displayed on the screen as it gets redirected to login webpage
  • Yahoo security question resetting issues
  • Script error arises while resetting passcode
  • Unable to receive password resetting link on the secondary email address.
  • OTP is not received on the registered phone number to reset email account passcode.

Being  web-savvy, an email user should check the solution for these problematic issues on website, Forums and blogs where other internet users share their experience on how they resolved these kind of issues on the own as Yahoo does not provide any support to their email users. Here are some solutions, which can help email users recover lost password or reset the new one.

  • Yahoo Account information page is not responding: In order to avoid these kind of problems, users generally prefer to reboot the PC. But it’s not necessary to do so as there is a simpler step to clear the browser cookies and caches as well as temporary internet files. Doing this, Yahoo account information page will definitely respond much faster than before and help users in recovering lost password within short span of time.
  • Change password button not working: There is no need to give multiple commands if change password button is not working on first occasion as javascript error crop up all of the sudden. Users are seen clicking on the button as they are in absolute hurry to change the account details due to which unresponsive script error prompt pop up on the computer screen which does not allow the user to perform any activity on the web the browser. Repeated pressing of button results in deadlock and error displays on top of the web browser saying “Page Not Responding” and freezes the computer screen. The best way to get rid of this issue is to wait until the browser is removed automatically as background processes take time to stop. Once it is done, try clicking the link with pressing fingers lightly on the mouse of Desktop or laptop and there is a high probability, that change password button will work effectively.
  • Email Account compromised: Various users across the world do not even try to login to their email account or look forward to recovering their password after reading the steps provided in forums or blog or Yahoo answers. The first option is to try getting password resetting link on the secondary email address provided during registration. If it is done, then it is very convenient to put the secured password and recover your email account.
  • Once the account is recovered, then it is mandatory to reset the security question and answers and save those details on your desktop incase there is need to recover the passcode easily in future with its help. In case, the first options fails and user does not get the password resetting link on email address, then he/she can opt for second one, which is one-time password that is sent through SMS at the registered cell phone number. The user need to mention one-time password (OTP) in the box shown on the webpage and once it is verified, the passcode resetting page is displayed in front of user the in order to recover mail account easily.
  • Password change confirmation not displayed on the screen: Due to slow internet connection, there might be a chance that password change confirmation could not be seen on the screen. If the user could not see the same, then he/she needs to try login with the user Id and new password. If he/she gets logged in successfully, it means that passcode is changed successfully otherwise same process needs to be applied again.
  • Yahoo security question resetting issues: Users generally get stuck when it comes to resetting the security questions as it does not help them recover password. There is a simple way to reset the security question as User need to click on radio button generate OTP or send the password resetting link on secondary email address with which user can easily reset the security question and answers by clicking the edit button alongside account information. It is advised to save these details somewhere on your PC as it can help you recover yahoo account in quick time.

Other than above-mentioned solutions, yahoo account can be recovered easily using third party software such as decryptor tools, which is available on the internet or can be downloaded from computer system but it is advised to read the reviews of these online tools before using them for password recovery or resetting as it is always said that shortcuts sometimes deliver worst results

So if you are a Yahoo Email account user and get stuck with different technical issues Find ArticleFree Articles, Solutions is just a phone call away. Pick up your mobile phone and call the Yahoo technical support number to get an instant online Technical support for Email account.

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