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Top 4 Accessories to Pull Out More of iPhone 6S

Top 4 Accessories to Pull Out More of iPhone 6S

Top 4 Accessories to Pull Out More of iPhone 6S

Top 4 Accessories to Pull Out More of iPhone 6S

iPhone 6S is already bundled with too many super cool features. But to enhance those features these accessories would be the best ones avaialble over market.


There is absolutely no need to further preach or anything when it finally comes to the iPhone 6S. As those who are already grabbing this cool piece of smartphone in their hand are already knowing well about the superb utility features that iphone 6S already provides. But with the philosophy of something best can always be made a little better, here is a listing of coolest accessories that you can bundle up with the iPhone 6S so as to bring more of the features from your 6S.

Headsets or earphones for entertainments:

There are basically tons of earphones and earbuds (also headsets and headphones) that are compatible with the Apple iPhone 6s. But to skip this part without mentioning about Powerbeats by Dr. Dre is going to be leaving the best one out of the list. It comes with its earbuds and has extremely cool noise cancellation feature with superior sound quality making the hearing experience to the next level. In addition to this, the cat type over-head one from the same brandwould be loved by the girls for sure who has iPhone 6 or 6S.

Add more juice with Portable Charger:

You can take every other feature from Apple’s iPhone but not the battery life, with the intention to brag with. The short battery capacity being a universal problem in general with the heavily feature loaded phones, iPhone 6S did not count out. To fight with such a problem, a portable charger is the must and Xiaomi Mi 16000 mAh would be the best power bank for iphone 6S.

Protective Cases for Protection:

Apple themselves provide a good range of protective case for the iphone including the classic leather pouch which comes with a genuine leather finish making it elegant or the silicone one to be the minimal. In order to get some diversification in terms of design you can opt for the wooden ones, which are the latest trends, having several wooden textures on the back but are made up with the silicone material. For the parents who are tensed always about their child, the real wooden ones are also available which makes your iPhone really protected from being slipped from the hands of your child.


A Chic Selfie Stick:

Whether you find selfies good or not, selfies are everywhere and is getting even more popular day by day. Be it an event to attend or a friendly gathering, capturing the memorable moments with selfies are the best ways chosen nowadays. And you need to look good while clicking the selfies, to get that done a selfie stick is must. Though the main problem is carrying along the selfie stick everywhere with you. But the problem is solved with the availability of the ranges of bags for girls which can accommodate the selfie stick well, even some of these are designed especially with the option to put the selfie stick comfortably within them. The other option is to go for the ultra-small selfie sticks, which are foldable selfie sticks of courseFree Reprint Articles, but folds so well making you remain tension free about its existence even within your small purse.





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