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What Is The Solution For Lost Hotmail Password?

What Is The Solution For Lost Hotmail Password?

What Is The Solution For Lost Hotmail Password?

What Is The Solution For Lost Hotmail Password?

“Need of emailing services had increased to a great extent and keeps on increasing with the addition of new features into it. Here, in this content, we are mainly focusing on the Hotmail and additionally, we will also talk about the issues related to this email service”

Amongst the bunch of so many email carriers around us, Hotmail always has been, one of the trusted names. Now named altogether as Outlook.com, by Microsoft, it now gives us a completely new experience of emailing. This article will discuss Hotmail’s some interesting features regarding password recovery of your Hotmail account.

Hotmail is an old name in the emailing world. We have been associated with this name since forever, it seems. Launched back in 1996, and acquired by Microsoft in the following year of 1997, it first came into market as MSN Hotmail and with continuous changes, it finally reached to become Outlook.com as a single mail integration and excess to all of the Microsoft’s apps and services. It comes with latest interface and all different tabs for easier experience of email usage. Making it an important part of Microsoft Industry, this emailing service is actually too essential to excess any feature of windows also as it is used in the operating systems also. Apart from this, it is the only way through which you can use the apps like music, videos, news, Xbox and all other apps provided by windows app store on a PC or mobile.

Among all the countless features, facing some minor issues is also a common aspect of the wide picture and one such aspect that is most annoying and mind bursting, is the password related problem, like forgetting it or it been stolen. This is makes us go crazy as all our personal data and information is in there. This matter can be although solved, very easily. While signing up for the service of Microsoft’s email carrier, there is a section, where one has to provide an alternate email id, mobile number and answer to a specific question chosen by you. This information is used by the Microsoft as your identification and password recovery agent. One could choose to fill either one of these options or all of them. This process is compulsory and without filling it up, one cannot create an account. The function of this information is actually very useful.

This is how, it comes to use. If you have lost your email password or it has been stolen from you, all you need to do is to hit the Hotmail Password Reset button onscreen and choose one of the above mentioned options and retrieve your Hotmail password. You can either get it back on your alternate email id or on your mobile or by answering the security question, you can reset it there and then only. It is hardly a 3 step process and is extremely easy to go through.

Although, if going through this procedure seems too hectic to you or you simply don’t have enough time to perform it by yourselfFree Reprint Articles, you can contact the Hotmail Technical Support Customer Service Phone Number team or any other 3rd party company for the completion of the task.


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