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Sell your laptop, tablet, gaming console, iPad DEAD OR ALIVE

Sell your device

Sell your laptop, tablet, gaming console, iPad DEAD OR ALIVE

Send us a text message describing the damage to your item and the model of your item

In the event that you are satisfied with the estimated trade in value of your item, we can collect it or arrange for a national courier to collect your item for inspection.

The value of your laptop has been confirmed. Your laptop’s price may be affected if it is not as described, and upon inspection, it appears that there is a fault with the item that was not previously mentioned. 

After the laptop has been inspected and the value has been confirmed, we can arrange payment – it’s that simple!

Physical destruction – This involves physically destroying the media – CHIPS, CARDS OR HARD DRIVE so that it can no longer be used or recovered. 

Secure deletion software

This involves using software to overwrite data one or more times.

Restore to factory settings

Many devices offer a function to ‘Restore to factory settings’. This will return the device to the state in which you bought it.


Formatting media recreates the data structures and file system.